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A most tempting offer

The name of my company is the result of a family joke: my father observed one day that I was always thinking about crime.  I wasn’t sure I’d be allowed to have the name but I was, and it’s memorable … Continue reading

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UN me – together at last

It has been the summer of daft emails for Thinking about Crime – perhaps the very hot weather has kept all of the scammers indoors even more than usual, crafting their approaches.  Hoping to appeal to my vanity and to … Continue reading

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Turn and face the strange

I am in reflective mood.  Over a recent wet weekend my husband and I tidied out our loft.  (I know: not for us a glamorous mini-break in San Tropez.)  And amongst the usual broken suitcases, comically out-of-date clothes and half … Continue reading

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Back Row Boys

Last week I did lots and lots of training sessions in Guernsey, and it gave me an opportunity to consider an issue that I have noticed again and again.  Why, when presented with a room of empty seats, do people … Continue reading

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A new look for spring

When you’re a one person business, as I am, you have to learn to prioritise.  You only have so many hours in the day (after all, those episodes of “Poldark” don’t watch themselves in the evenings) and so you have … Continue reading

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Debrett’s: the smartphone edition

I realise that I’m a bit old-fashioned in my ways – for instance, I refuse to drink out of bottles and insist on asking for a glass, often to much eye-rolling from young bar-staff.  And I also work alone much … Continue reading

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What do you want from my website?

I hope that you will forgive me for hijacking today’s post to ask for your help.  Over the weekend I was looking at my company website (www.thinkingaboutcrime.com) and it occurred to me that it might be due for a revamp. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to, well, me

As regular readers and long-time friends will know, I’ve been hanging around the AML locker room for many years now.  I started out as a self-employed person, and then in the same fortnight in 2003 two potential clients said that … Continue reading

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New school term

Maybe it’s because training is the grown-up equivalent of school lessons, or maybe it’s because I work in a country where the academic year takes a long break to allow children to help get in the harvest (might be time … Continue reading

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Learning on the job

When I trained as a teacher, back in the dark ages, one of my most elderly and, yes, crusty lecturers gave us this piece of advice: “If the buggers [a.k.a. delightful young people with enquiring minds] ask you a question … Continue reading

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