Happy Birthday to, well, me

As regular readers and long-time friends will know, I’ve been hanging around the AML locker room for many years now.  I started out as a self-employed person, and then in the same fortnight in 2003 two potential clients said that they would have chosen my training except that their large multi-national institutions were not allowed to use self-employed contractors.  The time had come to incorporate.  Rather sadly, I quite enjoy forms and applications, and it was no hardship to become a company – but a suitable name was a bit tricky.  I’ve never been fond of self-referential company names, although that’s mainly because of my own name – you try living with Grossey for a while (that’s Grossey to rhyme with bossy; no, not Groffey – Grossey), or indeed with the initials SPG (Special Patrol Group – not a good reputation, apparently) and you’ll sympathise.  And then over lunch one day my father said in exasperated tones, “You’re always thinking about crime!” – and there it was, the perfect name.

So it was full steam ahead with Companies House, and on 2 October 2003 my beloved Thinking about Crime Limited was born.  Known in our house as “tackle”, the company is therefore nine years old today – and still just me, my technical husband for when it’s all too complicated computer-wise, and my in-house stress counsellor (she’s tabby and purrs a lot).  And I am delighted to say that I still look forward to work, and still think about crime, and still hate money laundering.  Thank you all for sticking around as we cruise towards the decade.

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7 Responses to Happy Birthday to, well, me

  1. Tim says:

    Many happy returns TACL & Susan!!

  2. Graham Thomas says:

    Dear Susan

    Very many happy returns from me as well. I enjoyed reading the explanation of how TACL came into being … plus the pen pictures about the other dedicated company staff.

    I do think your blog missed out on the answer to one key question though ….. is there any cake ??

    Best wishes


  3. Paul Coleman says:

    Here’s wishing you continued success

  4. To be honest, Graham, I’m not that fond of cake myself – a couple of slices of Battenberg over the year, and I’m done. But celebration biscuits – now you’re talking!
    Best wishes from Susan

  5. Claire says:

    Happy 9th birthday to Thinking about Crime. Many happy returns. And may one day crime just be a thought, not a fact. (Hey, I am an idealist)

  6. Hello Claire
    You and me both – where would the world be without idealists? And thank you for your birthday wishes.
    Best wishes from Susan

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