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Could do better

One of my most over-used phrases in my AML training is “new entrants to the AML family” – when I am explaining that we cannot expect all sectors (e.g. estate agents, art market participants) to be as au fait with … Continue reading

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The young and the riskless

I never thought I’d say this, but there are two great advantages to being 55: (a) I’ve had my first covid jab (one shivery night afterwards but apart from that – woohoo!), and (b) I’m not being targeted quite as … Continue reading

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More Bloody Embezzlement?

Just like police officers, customs officers and passport officers, MLROs find themselves doing a certain amount of profiling when it comes to looking for high risk clients.  We know about certain high risk occupations and high risk nationalities and even … Continue reading

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Made to measure

About once a year I will say in a dreamy voice, “Perhaps I should do a PhD in criminology…”.  I love the idea of spending months in the library as I craft my thesis, and then becoming the first-ever Dr … Continue reading

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Training across the Board

At the end of each year I do a review of what I have done during that year.  Each time I issue an invoice I categorise it by jurisdiction, by sector and by activity type, and this enables me to … Continue reading

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Near-o tolerance

A recent article in the Economist made a very valid point about recent AML endeavours – that sometimes they can have unfortunate consequences.  I have blogged quite a bit about “de-risking”, or what the FATF calls “the wholesale cutting loose … Continue reading

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A superabundance of supervisors

With all eyes on the Fourth Money Laundering Directive, I will confess that I had lost track of the UK’s AML/CFT National Risk Assessment – and then it appeared last week.  There’s plenty of meat in it and it’s perfectly … Continue reading

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The risk of compassion

I have just finished reading a book called “A Long Walk Home”, which is an account by Englishwoman Judith Tebbutt of her ordeal of being kidnapped by Somali pirates who killed her husband and then held her at various locations … Continue reading

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An ugly new word: de-risking

Over the past few years, we in AML have grown used to new terms.  We’ve learnt to leave behind KYC, and concentrate instead on CDD, to replace STRs with SARs.  While taking on board the risk-based approach (another new term), … Continue reading

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Coming thick and fast

Double-edged sword.  Poisoned chalice.  Sting in the tail.  Yes, it’s time to talk again about the risk-based approach.  With the advent of the RBA (see how chummy we are now, the RBA and I) we welcomed the idea of being … Continue reading

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