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Piggy’s Progress

At the end of each year I do a stock-take of my piggy sales – by which I mean, I add up how many copies of I have sold of my two suites of AML books for non-exec directors (i.e. … Continue reading

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Nose in, fingers out

Recently a client asked me how to deal with difficult directors.  How to train them, you mean? I asked – how to encourage them to attend AML training and take note of our pearls of wisdom?  No, she said: I … Continue reading

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Thoroughly Modern Piggies

So tell me: what did you do this weekend?  Sit in the garden?  Sail to France?  Slap a few prawns on the barbie?  I did none of these: instead, I sat at my desk, surrounded by the new Money Laundering, … Continue reading

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Panama: a drop in the ocean

So the Panama Papers are Out There.  Hands up who has gone into the database and searched on their own name….  Of course I did, with such an unusual name – not that I have ever done anything myself, you … Continue reading

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Piggy popularity

Yesterday I made an astonishing discovery: if you go to the Amazon UK website and just type “money laundering” (without inverted commas) in the Search box, one of my piggy books is the very first listed item!  (Amazon is the ultimate … Continue reading

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A regime of responsibilities

On 7 July, the Financial Conduct Authority issued its final rules on the Senior Managers Regime (I long to put an apostrophe in there, but the regulator has decreed it apostrophe-free, and I’m nothing if not obedient to regulatory decree) … Continue reading

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Leave it out

I’ve been mulling over this new register of persons with significant control, of which full details are given in Schedule 3 to the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015.  With regard to the register, and to quote from the Act, “the … Continue reading

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Taking the register

Last week I mentioned that the UK now has a new Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, which is coming into force in stages.  It’s a little way off yet, but with all eyes firmly on the inevitable approach of … Continue reading

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The fairer sex

And in this context, “fairer” might just mean more honest and less corrupt.  In a recent index published by an American provider of, well, indices, it was revealed that companies with a higher-than-average proportion of women on the board are … Continue reading

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And definitely do not collect £200

So now we have a date: the UK’s new Senior Managers’ Regime will come into force by 7 March 2016.  It is part of an attempt to strengthen accountability in banking (no need to explain why this might be necessary) … Continue reading

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