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It’s coming home – if we pay its fare

No doubt you are all – well, my English and Croatian readers at least – dusting off your scarves and vocal cords for tonight’s match.  (Personally, I am speaking at a literary event in a local village – we’re not … Continue reading

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Voting for AML

I’m not a great fan of many of our current politicians – I’m sure you know why.  But I do like Angela Merkel, and in particular Tracy Ullman’s version of Angela Merkel.  And I have recently come to admire Elizabeth … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

Regular readers will know that when it comes to consultations, I am Pavlov’s respondent: tell me you want my opinion and I’m slavering to give it.  Indeed, so regular is my participation that I have a whole email folder entitled … Continue reading

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Nobody loves me, everybody hates me

In common with many global banks, Deutsche Bank has come under the AML regulatory spotlight of late.  And then, on 4 January 2017, it was announced that Deutsche’s Global Head of Anti-Financial Crime, an Englishman called Peter Hazlewood, was quitting … Continue reading

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When legislation lets you down

For a couple of years I have been tracking the fortunes of “Les W”.  The Wildensteins are one of the highest-profile families in France; Wildenstein & Co was one of the most successful and influential art dealerships of the last … Continue reading

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Moving the goalposts

I’m as fond of AML measures as the next person.  Actually, that’s a fib: I’m probably a thousand times fonder of AML measures than the next person.  But more than two decades of AML endeavours have taught me one important … Continue reading

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The luxury of dithering

So here I am, back from my summer writing retreat, and normal blogging has resumed.  It was quite a relief to be out of the country – in Switzerland, to be precise – and get away from all the Brexit … Continue reading

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Taking money laundering to tusk

It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that people will go to and the atrocities they will commit and tolerate in order to make money.  In recent training sessions I have been updating people on wildlife trafficking (you know … Continue reading

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Me first, no, me first

And so the battle to appear whiter than white begins – and not before time.  As British politicians fall over themselves to publish their tax returns, the UK government has announced the launch of a new taskforce to investigate the … Continue reading

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Hints from Holmes

One of the anticipated highlights of my Christmas telly viewing was the new episode of “Sherlock”.  As it turns out, it was a huge disappointment – with all the time-travelling, I had no idea what was going on and soon, … Continue reading

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