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The word from on high

Right, let’s get ready for a quick test of AML TLA [three-letter acronym]: what do the RBA, BRA, RAS and NRA all have in common?  Bravo for shouting out “the letter R” – standing, of course, for Risk.  As in: … Continue reading

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The plain un-SAR-nished truth

Remember when Hugh Grant was PM in “Love Actually” and he found out that his tea-lady’s ex-boyfriend had been nasty to her and offered to have the scoundrel assassinated by the “absolutely charming” SAS?  “Ruthless trained killers are just a … Continue reading

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Confession is good for the soul

The lovely film “Out of Africa” contains one of my favourite cinematic lines of all time.  No, it’s not a declaration of love from mahogany Rob to multi-accented Meryl, but rather the response from her dastardly soon-to-be-ex-husband, the splendidly-named Baron … Continue reading

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A superabundance of supervisors

With all eyes on the Fourth Money Laundering Directive, I will confess that I had lost track of the UK’s AML/CFT National Risk Assessment – and then it appeared last week.  There’s plenty of meat in it and it’s perfectly … Continue reading

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