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Chewing the FATF

Last week the FATF met for its regular plenary meeting and – as it does three times a year – updated its list of what I call “dodgy countries”, which are more correctly known as “jurisdictions under increased monitoring”.  In … Continue reading

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Anna Karenina and the assault rifle

PEPs = high risk = EDD.  But why?  The short answer is corruption: anyone with access to public influence and/or public money will be a target for criminals who want to gain that access for themselves.  Of course, the majority … Continue reading

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Exalted due diligence

Looking at my trusty OED (and yes, I still use a paper one), “to enhance” is “to increase the quality, value or extent of”.  Possible synonyms (I assume the FATF looked at these at some point) include to amplify, to … Continue reading

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