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Going to pot

There is much in the news at the moment about marijuana – legalisation, therapeutic benefits, different strains (Tom Cruise Purple, or Sour Diesel, anyone?).  I have never come within puff of any drug, as I grew up in Singapore where … Continue reading

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Biting the hand that steals?

Please note that as I fade slightly from view for my summer writing retreat (the fourth Sam Plank novel is nearing completion), for the next month I will blog once a week only, instead of the usual twice.  Back to … Continue reading

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Sweaty palms in Latvia

Thanks to the Panama Papers, a great deal of focus recently has been on the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.  However, working in a similar field we have the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project which, according to their website, … Continue reading

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Just a quickie today, as I wasn’t planning to post anything, but a story on the radio this morning made me prick up my little AML ears.  Apparently the Halifax bank here in the UK is trying out some new … Continue reading

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Reckless, feckless and maybe jobless

Can you hear that scurrying sound emanating from Cambridge?  That’s me still trying to catch up with everything I’ve missed while on holiday, and I am painfully aware that (a) it’s old news to you, and (b) I’m tackling it … Continue reading

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What remains is bestial

Born in 1966, I was taught as a toddler to recite my name and address and instructed most strictly that, should I ever be lost, I was to repeat this vital information to a policeman or in a bank.  Yes: … Continue reading

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