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Once more with conviction

Every few months I indulge myself in a little daydream of doing a PhD in criminology.  Like all good daydreams, it’s rich in lovely feelings – imagine sitting in the library all day, thinking deep thoughts about money laundering, breaking … Continue reading

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A welcome mat for money launderers

For some months, a Home Affairs Select Committee of the UK parliament, under the chairmanship of Keith Vaz MP, has been taking evidence about the effectiveness of the UK’s proceeds of crime regime.  It has not been a happy story, … Continue reading

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Back to laundering basics

Just to give you a breather after that last post, which taxed your brain cells, this time I am looking at the other end of the spectrum.  I was watching “Look East” a few days ago, which is our local … Continue reading

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Taxing tax evasion

In this post we are getting right down to what a French friend of mine once called “the nitties and the gritties”, so thinking caps on, please.  An MLRO has written to me with a vexing conundrum around consent concerning … Continue reading

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Agents of doom and disrepute

I’ve just watched a Channel 4 documentary called “From Russia with Cash”.  The premise is that two investigators go undercover as Russian PEP Boris and his ditsy girlfriend Nastya, and trip around the swankier parts of London looking at five … Continue reading

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Cakes and liability

Apart from it being the first day of summer (and it’s still perishing), today heralds the coming into force of the part of the Serious Crime Act 2015 which amends section 338 of the Proceeds of Crime Act.  (I know, … Continue reading

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PoCA always knocks twice

A couple of weeks ago someone sent me a link to a heart-warming story of corruption, money laundering and revenge.  Back in 2005, Sharon Millard of Wolverhampton was sent to prison for six months after being found guilty of laundering … Continue reading

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One for all and all for one

The concept of “joint enterprise” has been in the news again recently, this time because in December 2014 the Justice Committee (which examines the expenditure, administration and policy of the UK’s Ministry of Justice and its associated public bodies) announced that, … Continue reading

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