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Who’s on the FATF’s naughty step?

So the FATF’s latest take on their list of naughty countries – or, more properly, those jurisdictions with strategic AML/CFT deficiencies – is out.  Their latest plenary meeting, this time in Busan in Korea, ended on 24 June 2016, and … Continue reading

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Lifelong learning

One of the benefits of the AML/CFT mutual evaluation regime is its reiterative nature – the fact that countries are visited, given a report with suggestions for improvement, and then revisited.  Between visits, governments submit progress reports to keep the … Continue reading

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The path paved with bad intentions

Last week it was announced that Florindo Flores – better known as Comrade Artemio, the last original leader of the Peruvian communist party (Sendero Luminoso, or Shining Path) – had been sentenced by a court in Lima to life in … Continue reading

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Clandestine legislation

There I was on Thursday morning, my whole day carefully planned ahead of me (including two McVitie’s dark chocolate digestives at elevenses – something to aim for), when wham!  I opened a news feed and there, nestled unobtrusively in its … Continue reading

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Fowl play

What do you call a turkey that steps back from the precipice?  A wise old bird, that’s what. Long story short, at the October 2012 meeting of the Financial Action Task Force, a statement was issued about Turkey and its … Continue reading

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