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Loving laundering

As you tuck into that heart-shaped box of chocolates and gaze at the dozens of red roses currently scenting your surroundings, spare a thought for the victims of romance fraudsters.  I have written about these poor people – poor in … Continue reading

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The Ethics Factor

I’ve never watched “Strictly”, or “Big Brother”, or “I’m a Celebrity”, so it’s safe to say that I am not a fan of reality shows.  But in the Economist this week I read about one reality show that I would … Continue reading

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AML 1, bitcoin 0

There have been acres of newsprint (and the digital equivalent) written in recent months about the long-term future of bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general.  The value of bitcoin, for instance, is going through the roof, and then back … Continue reading

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Cleaning house for estate agents

Just to raise the tone of this blog a little, I’d like to start today with a quotation from Voltaire’s 1759 satirical novel “Candide”: “Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les … Continue reading

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A laundering own goal

People sometimes ask me how I can bear to stick with just one subject for over twenty years – yes, that’s how long I have been AML-ing.  And I simply say that although the subject remains the same, and indeed … Continue reading

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Stubborn as a…

For those who roll their eyes when I explain my job, and say that it’s all a load of government-sanctioned nonsense to appease the do-gooders (yes, I’ve heard all of that), Santander has done some handy research.  Big Red (other … Continue reading

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Tax is a feminist issue

I have written before about the interesting differences between the genders when it comes to financial crime.  And now there is a new study, published in the December 2017 issue of the Journal of Behavioural and Experimental Economics (surely you … Continue reading

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A rap on the online knuckles

AML regulation of the gambling sector in the UK is complicated; even I (writing as an AML obsessive) am sometimes confused about who is in and who is out.  However, one sector that is most definitely in is online gambling, … Continue reading

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Christmas concord and concensus

Experienced MLROs and other professional AML-ers will be familiar with the pattern of EU AML Directives: in essence, you get a new one every decade.  But thanks to the attacks in Paris in November 2015, and the subsequent realisation that … Continue reading

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The money laundering Sisters of Mercy

For my last blog post before Christmas (this blog will now go silent until 3 January 2018), I’d like to share with you a heart-warming tale of financial crime and fatal disease.  Honestly, it’s more cheerful than it sounds, as … Continue reading

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