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A call to arms

I’ve been in two minds whether or not to do this blog post, as I don’t want to upset anyone, and I can’t think of a particularly clever way to disguise who I am talking about.  Let’s just say that … Continue reading

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EU, FIUs, STRs and AML

Last week Europol – or, more fully, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation – published a report entitled “From Suspicion to Action – Converting financial intelligence into greater operational impact”.  The report examines the AML framework within the … Continue reading

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In the penalty box

What is it about football and money laundering?  I don’t mean the obvious sort – buying football clubs and trading players as a front for moving criminal money around – but rather what makes footballers and manager so susceptible to … Continue reading

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A family business

I think I have written before about crime – including money laundering – often being a family business.  There are many advantages: for instance, there is absolute loyalty (twice over: blood and business), and there is nothing suspicious about the … Continue reading

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A tweet farewell

As you may have gathered, I have been away for the past month.  With only intermittent wifi access, and a long-overdue need for some downtime, I tried to take a complete break from work.  Of course, I was not completely … Continue reading

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Something new to get your AML teeth into

People sometimes ask me how I can bear to stick with one subject for so long.  The answer, of course, is that it’s not really the same subject for very long.  True, the aim of money laundering is fairly predictable … Continue reading

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You can lead a horse to water

As you know, at the end of June we were gifted with new AML legislation here in the UK.  One of its main features was an absolute clarification about the AML status of estate agents: “In these Regulations, ‘estate agent’ … Continue reading

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Some are more equal than others

The connection between PEPs [politically exposed persons] and money laundering is recognised: with access to public influence and public money, these individuals in positions of high public service can fall prey to their baser desires and start feathering their private … Continue reading

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Ladies first

In an era when we have the first female Doctor Who, female heads of the Met, the London Fire Brigade and the London Ambulance Service, and a female sort-of-Prime Minister, it is perhaps only right that women should be in … Continue reading

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The law of the wild

In a quest to find a country that is still outward-looking and welcoming, I am going to have a look at Canada this summer.  Although I will still be keeping a weather eye on all things AML, please note that … Continue reading

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