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Best foot forward

In recent weeks I have worked in Guernsey and Jersey and I am rather fond of both places – not least because they have rather strict AML regimes, and you know how I feel about taking AML jolly seriously.  Despite … Continue reading

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Piggy popularity

Yesterday I made an astonishing discovery: if you go to the Amazon UK website and just type “money laundering” (without inverted commas) in the Search box, one of my piggy books is the very first listed item!  (Amazon is the ultimate … Continue reading

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Top-level training

First of all, I hope you enjoyed my little April Fool’s joke on Friday… I wrote a little while ago about the refreshing honesty of the UK’s first national money laundering risk assessment, and now it’s the turn of the … Continue reading

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And they lived PEPily ever after

The Fourth Money Laundering Directive is the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it?  It’s a meaty document, and one of the delights it has served up – following the recommendation of the FATF’s, well, Recommendations – is an … Continue reading

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Regulatory arbitrage

No, that’s not the name of a minor – probably dastardly – character in a Mills and Boon novel: it is what happens when differing standards of regulation allow criminals to wriggle their way through the system by exploiting those … Continue reading

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The plank in your own eye

As I was writing my previous blog post, a little thought tweaked at the corner of my mind.  It’s not terribly well-formed (either the thought, or indeed the mind), but here goes.  I was thinking about PEPs and monitoring, and … Continue reading

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Shading the shady

On 1 April 2015, updated AML legislation came into force in the Isle of Man.  (No, I don’t know why anyone would choose that particular day to bring anything into force.)  The 2015 version of the Code (as they have … Continue reading

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Territorial sensibilities

I work regularly in five jurisdictions: the UK, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.  Now let’s get technical.  The Bailiwick of Guernsey (actually five islands) and the Bailiwick of Jersey are jointly the Channel Islands.  The Channel Islands … Continue reading

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The Jersey Financial Services Commission recently published a paper entitled “Revisions to Commission AML/CFT Handbooks”, setting out their plans for (big surprise) forthcoming revisions to their handbooks.  As I was working my way through it, putting key dates in my diary … Continue reading

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Keeping up with the Vidamours, the Smiths and the Quayles

A while ago, I confessed to my addiction to consultations.  Give me the chance to have my say, and I’m there, all opinions blazing.  This past summer there was quite a rash of them (consultations, not opinions), including one issued … Continue reading

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