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Unsung heroes

My busiest jurisdiction – despite my post a few days ago – is Guernsey.  Working for Guernsey clients takes up about 60% of my time, and thanks to the approachability of their FIU (and in the past – but sadly … Continue reading

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Turn and face the strange

I am in reflective mood.  Over a recent wet weekend my husband and I tidied out our loft.  (I know: not for us a glamorous mini-break in San Tropez.)  And amongst the usual broken suitcases, comically out-of-date clothes and half … Continue reading

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Training across the Board

At the end of each year I do a review of what I have done during that year.  Each time I issue an invoice I categorise it by jurisdiction, by sector and by activity type, and this enables me to … Continue reading

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Yippee – more acronyms!

Last week I discovered that something that exercised me a great deal – the “once a PEP, always a PEP” stance of Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man – did not seem to concern the MLROs in those jurisdictions … Continue reading

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Now and forever

As regular readers will know, I have a great fondness for Guernsey.  It has a mild climate, lovely scenery, excellent food – and a rather admirable AML regime.  (That last bit doesn’t make it into the VisitGuernsey brochures or telly … Continue reading

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Guernsey’s training report card

Earlier this month the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (one of my very favourite regulators – yes, I do have favourite regulators, and favourite FIUs too) published a thematic report on financial crime training.  In it are the results of a … Continue reading

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Piggy popularity

Yesterday I made an astonishing discovery: if you go to the Amazon UK website and just type “money laundering” (without inverted commas) in the Search box, one of my piggy books is the very first listed item!  (Amazon is the ultimate … Continue reading

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Credit where credit is due

I’m about to get onto my soap-box again, so you have been warned.  Last week I mentioned the recently-published INCSR 2016, with its summaries of jurisdictions of primary money laundering concern.  In a comment on that, a Guernsey reader has … Continue reading

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And they lived PEPily ever after

The Fourth Money Laundering Directive is the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it?  It’s a meaty document, and one of the delights it has served up – following the recommendation of the FATF’s, well, Recommendations – is an … Continue reading

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Guernsey goes through the reputational wringer

I must declare an interest.  As part of my regular timetable of training visits, I go to Guernsey about five times a year, for a week at a time.  And I like it very much: I like the scenery, I … Continue reading

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