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Guernsey’s training report card

Earlier this month the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (one of my very favourite regulators – yes, I do have favourite regulators, and favourite FIUs too) published a thematic report on financial crime training.  In it are the results of a … Continue reading

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Piggy popularity

Yesterday I made an astonishing discovery: if you go to the Amazon UK website and just type “money laundering” (without inverted commas) in the Search box, one of my piggy books is the very first listed item!  (Amazon is the ultimate … Continue reading

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Credit where credit is due

I’m about to get onto my soap-box again, so you have been warned.  Last week I mentioned the recently-published INCSR 2016, with its summaries of jurisdictions of primary money laundering concern.  In a comment on that, a Guernsey reader has … Continue reading

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And they lived PEPily ever after

The Fourth Money Laundering Directive is the gift that just keeps on giving, isn’t it?  It’s a meaty document, and one of the delights it has served up – following the recommendation of the FATF’s, well, Recommendations – is an … Continue reading

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Guernsey goes through the reputational wringer

I must declare an interest.  As part of my regular timetable of training visits, I go to Guernsey about five times a year, for a week at a time.  And I like it very much: I like the scenery, I … Continue reading

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Upgrading to a new model

I’ve been hearing from friends in Guernsey that a recent industry presentation there suggested that the familiar three-stage model of money laundering – placement, layering and integration – is out of date.  Granted, it dates from the mid-1980s, but then … Continue reading

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The Stasi spectrum of suspicion

I’ve just come back from a mini-break in Berlin – my first visit.  While I was there I went to the Stasi Museum, which is in the building where the actual HQ of the East German Ministry for State Security … Continue reading

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Territorial sensibilities

I work regularly in five jurisdictions: the UK, Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar.  Now let’s get technical.  The Bailiwick of Guernsey (actually five islands) and the Bailiwick of Jersey are jointly the Channel Islands.  The Channel Islands … Continue reading

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Nothing to hide

As you read this, Guernsey is playing host to an evaluation team from MONEYVAL.  This is one of the first fourth-round evaluations being carried out under the new evaluation methodology, whereby jurisdictions will be rated not only on their AML/CFT … Continue reading

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Time for a PEP talk

I have been working in Guernsey this week, and talking (amongst other things) about the proposed changes coming down the line towards us in the Fourth Money Laundering Directive .  (And before anyone says anything, no, Guernsey is not a member … Continue reading

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