Go on, punk: make my day – by subscribing to this blog.  Not that I’m not thrilled with my current number of subscribers, but to my mind subscribers are like Jaffa Cakes: you can never have enough.

So if you’d like to receive my posts the very instant I, well, post them, subscribe right now.  You won’t be bombarded with emails – I aim to post at least once a week, and I’ll never use your contact details for anything else, I promise.  (Actually, I can’t: this WordPress software controls all of that and I have no access to subscribers’ details.)  To sign up, cast your eyes to the right – that’s it, over there  → → → →  – to the section headed “Be the first to hear”.  Go on: you know you want to.

Alternatively (or indeed additionally) you can scroll riiiiiiiight down to the bottom of this blog to ask for RSS feeds – no, I don’t know what they are either, but I do like the cheerful orange buttons.

4 Responses to Subscribe

  1. Sarah says:

    Looking forward to the Isle of Man update – such fun !

  2. Amy Hardy says:

    Please add to the the subscription list

    • Hello Amy
      Delighted that you want to subscribe to the blog, but I can’t do it for you. You need to look over to the right of this screen, to the “Sign me up!” box. Just underneath it is space for your email address – pop it in there, and (I think) you’ll get an email soon afterwards asking you to confirm your subscription. It’s all controlled centrally by WordPress, which is why I can’t do it on your behalf.
      Best wishes from Susan

  3. Gianluigi says:

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