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Give me a break

I struggle to think of many good things to come out of the pandemic apart from a fabulous recipe for squishy chocolate chip cookies that I unearthed in desperation after the closure of my usual source.  However, it has afforded … Continue reading

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It’s just how we’re made

In a normal AML training session I do not have time to deal with the more philosophical aspects of the subject, but when I run extended workshops – as I have been recently – there is scope for delving into … Continue reading

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The devil in the detail

I had an interesting phone call with a compliance officer the other day – she will recognise herself in this description.  We were talking about a possible suspicion, and I was impressed by both her attention to detail and her … Continue reading

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So that’s who you are!

Well, that was quite an adventure!  My first ever SurveyMonkey survey – and how generous you all were with your time.  I ran my little survey for only two weeks, and in that time 215 – 215! – of you … Continue reading

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Nobody loves me, everybody hates me

In common with many global banks, Deutsche Bank has come under the AML regulatory spotlight of late.  And then, on 4 January 2017, it was announced that Deutsche’s Global Head of Anti-Financial Crime, an Englishman called Peter Hazlewood, was quitting … Continue reading

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The Caped Crusader for Compliance

With most high-risk jobs, you know what you’re signing up for.  If you’re keen on seat-of-the-pants stuff, you become a firefighter, or Nigel Farage’s PR manager (which amounts to much the same thing).  And if you’re fonder of the quiet … Continue reading

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Due diligence dark glasses

I love words, as you know.  But – like Jaffa Cakes on the shelves and “Today” on Radio 4 in the morning – we sometimes take them for granted.  (Although with the recent sale of United Biscuits to a Turkish … Continue reading

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Last week I wrote a post about the best proportion of staff to have working in compliance.  My husband – who for reasons of marital harmony is a dedicated and generally complimentary reader of this blog – is an engineer … Continue reading

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All in the mind

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about tax recently (here, for instance) and so an article in the current issue of the Economist caught my eye.  Subtitled “Lessons from behavioural economics can boost tax compliance”, it reports that research by economists from … Continue reading

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Have I underestimated FATCA?

I feel like the Queen.  Although she has been in the public eye for 85 years, she has never bowed to fashion: you will look in vain for a photo of her in an indecently mini dress in the 1960s, … Continue reading

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