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All hail to the cheat

Continuing my theme of topical posts, today I thought I would spend a few minutes thinking about Donald Trump – the man an American friend refers to as the Cheeto-in-Chief (a wonderful pun on both his approach to things and … Continue reading

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Unsung heroes

My busiest jurisdiction – despite my post a few days ago – is Guernsey.  Working for Guernsey clients takes up about 60% of my time, and thanks to the approachability of their FIU (and in the past – but sadly … Continue reading

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Confession is good for the soul

Today’s question: in what way is an AML trainer like a Catholic priest?  Let me set the scene (which I shall keep deliberately vague, for reasons that shall become obvious).  Some time ago I was invited in to see a … Continue reading

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Loving laundering

As you tuck into that heart-shaped box of chocolates and gaze at the dozens of red roses currently scenting your surroundings, spare a thought for the victims of romance fraudsters.  I have written about these poor people – poor in … Continue reading

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A rap on the online knuckles

AML regulation of the gambling sector in the UK is complicated; even I (writing as an AML obsessive) am sometimes confused about who is in and who is out.  However, one sector that is most definitely in is online gambling, … Continue reading

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The UK’s reporting report card

Well, we in the UK are streets ahead of our EU neighbours in one regard at least: the number of SARs we submit to our FIU.  At the start of September, Europol published a report entitled “From Suspicion to Action: … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Name changes are a tricky thing.  Remember when Royal Mail decided to call itself Consignia?  That lasted for about a year until it was quietly shelved.  (Mind you, Brad’s Drink was renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898, and that seems to have … Continue reading

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Plea for proof

Over two decades of AML training, I have heard many questions over and over again.  I don’t mind this at all, and I like to think that I have refined my answers so that they are more succinct and helpful.  … Continue reading

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Gamekeeper turned poacher

Last week my husband and I were on one of those long car journeys when you discuss all sorts of crazy things just to keep the boredom at bay.  We were talking about careers and whether we would choose the … Continue reading

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Miffed at MiFID II

Fifty-two.  That’s how many triple packs of Jaffa Cakes I could have bought with the £138 I have just had to shell out to buy an LEI for my company.  That’s a Legal Entity Identifier: a 20-digit identifying number required … Continue reading

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