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On the campaign trail

Recently I was asked to provide some text to be considered for inclusion in an AML awareness campaign – I’m not sure yet whether my contribution has been accepted but I will let you know.  I was therefore already thinking … Continue reading

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New Guernsey piggies in the sty

A very quick post specifically for my Guernsey readers.  Just for you, I have: Read the new Schedule 3 and Handbook cover to cover Updated all five of my piggy books – for NEDs, and for the accountancy, banking, fiduciary … Continue reading

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E for effort

Here I am, back from my holiday, refreshed and raring to go.  I will admit that I was feeling rather jaded before my break, and wondering whether AML – or more specifically, AML and I – had run its course.  … Continue reading

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Turn and face the strange

I am in reflective mood.  Over a recent wet weekend my husband and I tidied out our loft.  (I know: not for us a glamorous mini-break in San Tropez.)  And amongst the usual broken suitcases, comically out-of-date clothes and half … Continue reading

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Writing a wrong

Last week I wrote a blog post about French gangster Jacques Cassandri, who is currently on trial for laundering the proceeds of a bank robbery that he claimed,in a book he wrote, to have masterminded.  And this has started me … Continue reading

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A state of grace

Someone asked me recently about grace.  Not the spiritual kind, or indeed the physical – if there is a loose paving stone within a hundred yards, I will trip over it.  No, what they were concerned about is the period … Continue reading

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One size fits all?

Recently I was having a chat with a group of “practitioner accountants” – those who run (often quite small) accountancy firms, rather than working as accountants within industry.  We were talking, as you do (well, you do if you’re me) … Continue reading

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Handing over the report card

A couple of weeks ago a rather intriguing story hit the press, revealing that HSBC is trying to stop publication of a report on its AML effectiveness.  When the bank was hauled over the coals by the US authorities in … Continue reading

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Living high on the hog

I don’t usually post anything at the weekend, but this is just too exciting to wait – and anyway, it might all have changed by Monday.  Today my laptop went into something of a meltdown with its bookmarks, so I … Continue reading

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Ponzi schemes and powder tax

I went to a birthday party recently, and when I mentioned to a group of people that, as well as AML-ing, I also write historical fiction about financial crime (if this is a surprise to you, you can dash over … Continue reading

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