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Free for all

If I were sitting in a mountain-top lair, twirling my moustaches and cackling evilly, I don’t think I could devise an environment more conducive to financial crime than the UK in late 2020.  Put to one side the spinelessness of … Continue reading

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I have my fingers in my ears and am chanting “la la la” to myself, as I refuse to listen to any more corona-chatter.  For today’s blog I am going to pretend that nothing untoward is happening and have a … Continue reading

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Taking money laundering to ‘art

“I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.”  That (very common) attitude might be OK when you’re standing in a gallery trying to make sense of something you’ve seen, but it won’t pass muster if you’re … Continue reading

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Officer politics

One of my main arenas of AML activity is Guernsey, and life there is pretty exciting at the moment with the imminent arrival of new AML legislation and guidance – both already published and coming into force on 31 March … Continue reading

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Getting in a state about agents

When it comes to AML, I’m an equal opportunities preacher: I’ll tell anyone what to do.  So I take my AML hectoring, sorry, training into all manner of places, from swanky banks to glitzy casinos.  But the two parts of … Continue reading

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The risk of compassion

I have just finished reading a book called “A Long Walk Home”, which is an account by Englishwoman Judith Tebbutt of her ordeal of being kidnapped by Somali pirates who killed her husband and then held her at various locations … Continue reading

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Agents of doom and disrepute

I’ve just watched a Channel 4 documentary called “From Russia with Cash”.  The premise is that two investigators go undercover as Russian PEP Boris and his ditsy girlfriend Nastya, and trip around the swankier parts of London looking at five … Continue reading

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Is AML worth the paper it’s written on?

As I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently promoting my own writing, I thought I should get down to reading someone else’s.  “The Money Laundry” by JC Sharman had a bit of a buzz around it (it was even … Continue reading

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