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Taking money laundering to ‘art

“I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like.”  That (very common) attitude might be OK when you’re standing in a gallery trying to make sense of something you’ve seen, but it won’t pass muster if you’re … Continue reading

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Heading for the exit

One of my great ambitions – which I achieved for a short while in one jurisdiction – is to facilitate communication and foster understanding between the three sides of the AML triangle: regulator, law enforcement and industry.  Now, that’s a … Continue reading

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A piggy new year to everyone

Welcome back, one and all.  Well, wasn’t that an exciting festive period?  Just as I was undoing the top button on my skirt, ready to launch into the yard of Jaffa Cakes that my husband (he knows me so well) … Continue reading

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Lights, camera, action!

After my little rant about podcasts, I can report this week that conversely I am fully in favour of what I still call video clips.  In the olden days, when I used videos as part of my AML training, we … Continue reading

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Podcasting off

I am a creature of the written word: there is nothing I like better than reading, unless it’s writing.  I can spell almost anything (although I always have to think carefully about fuchsia – until I remember that it’s from … Continue reading

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From little acorns

Apologies for the confusion at the start of my blog post on 4 September: I was not back at all, but actually watching elephants swimming in Botswana.  I wrote a couple of posts in advance, to cover my absence, and … Continue reading

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A case in point

I’m ba-ack!  So let’s leap straight in with a complaint.  As every MLRO knows, nothing enlivens an AML training session like a story – known officially as a case study.  At the moment, staff are lapping up details of “the £16 … Continue reading

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RUSI and the red team

Regular readers will know how I love “crisp” writing: writing that is clear, well-structured, unambiguous and just that little bit elegant.  (Compare and contrast with most of the hurried, rambling and frankly inaccurate drivel that appears online these days.)  Two … Continue reading

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A dash of pedantry

A small matter, this week, but one of great interest to me: to hyphenate or not to hyphenate?  I have always written “money laundering” but there are those – among them, the Economist newspaper, whose style guide I trust in … Continue reading

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On the campaign trail

Recently I was asked to provide some text to be considered for inclusion in an AML awareness campaign – I’m not sure yet whether my contribution has been accepted but I will let you know.  I was therefore already thinking … Continue reading

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