Selling off the family silver (and ceramic)

As some of you may be aware, I am retiring from the world of AML at the end of this year.  In preparation for that I have been having a grand sort-out and have uncovered a couple of things that I commissioned as prizes for my MLRO workshops.  And I thought that it would be a good opportunity to raise some money for charity – specifically, Book Aid International (which “provides brand new, carefully selected books to thousands of libraries, schools, universities, hospitals, prisons and refugee camps around the world”).

Accordingly, I have set up two auctions – one for MLRO mugs, and the other for MLRO cufflinks.  Both auctions are running from today until the end of Sunday 12 December 2021.  There are four mugs up for grabs and two pairs of cufflinks – the four highest bidders in the mug auction will each get a mug, and the two highest in the cufflink auction will each get a pair of cufflinks.  The highest bidder in each auction will be invited automatically to pay via PayPal; I will then contact the other three mug winners and the other one cufflinks winner myself, to arrange PayPal payment.  You can bid wherever you are in the world – I’ll post anywhere.

The mugs are a hoot and highly coveted in MLRO circles – on one side they say “Money Laundering Reporting Officer”, and on the other “Manager of Laws, Rules and Obstacles”.  It’s then up to you which side of your nature you display.

The silver cufflinks are perhaps a more subtle display of your MLRO-ish allegiance – neat and stylish, they quietly proclaim your AML priorities to the world.  Ideal for wearing to those meetings with the regulator, I think.

So please do bid if you can – it would be lovely to see these going to good MLRO homes, and to be able to send a nice donation to Book Aid.  Here are the links to the mugs auction and the cufflinks auction.  To take part, follow the auction link and then click on the photo on the right of the auction description – the one showing the current auction value and number of days left to run.  This will open another window, where you can place your bid (you can put your maximum and the system will bid up to that for you if needed).  Happy bidding to you all!

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4 Responses to Selling off the family silver (and ceramic)

  1. CDWOS says:

    Do you really think that you can/will retire??!!! Isn’t that rather like telling a bird not to fly!!

    • I am resolved! It’s been a hard decision, and you’re right – it will feel unnatural for a while. I’ll always listen more carefully when I hear a news story with the words “money laundering”… But the time is right, I think.

  2. Is this your first retirement? Good luck, and many happy returns!

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