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Undue influence

I’m of an age when the people I admired in my youth were known as “role models” – for me, people like Olivia Newton-John and Indira Gandhi (I had wide-ranging interests and confused professional ambitions – should I top the … Continue reading

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Washing on a star

I will admit that when it comes to reality TV – whether it’s talent shows or making people eat bugs in the jungle or watching the banal lives of young adults in Essex or Chelsea – I’m a non-starter.  My … Continue reading

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Taking money laundering to tusk

It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that people will go to and the atrocities they will commit and tolerate in order to make money.  In recent training sessions I have been updating people on wildlife trafficking (you know … Continue reading

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A question of morality

A few days ago a journalist contacted me to ask if I could help with some research he was doing into anti-bribery and corruption.  I listened to his brief, and quickly realised that I wasn’t going to be of much … Continue reading

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Anything to declare?

One of my AML-related news searches threw up (I may regret using that term) an interesting story recently: two men were arrested at Medellin airport in Colombia for attempting to smuggle US$80,000 in cash – which they had swallowed rolled … Continue reading

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Eat your heart out, Mr Trencrom

For those of you who do not share my unceasing passion for “Poldark”, I should perhaps explain that Mr Trencrom runs a major smuggling operation and recruits Ross Poldark (or, more accurately, Ross Poldark’s cellar) to hide Frenchie’s brandy from … Continue reading

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