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A bid for freedom

Woohoo, I do love a good helping of Schadenfreude, and to this end one of my favourite things is hearing about what happens to the fancy assets of criminals when they are taken away (both the assets and the criminals).  … Continue reading

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A nose for trouble

My usual watchwords for this blog are (in ascending order of emotion) “disappointment”, “indignation” and “outrage”.  But this week it is “awwwww”, because it’s all about a litter of cuddly, snuggly puppies.  Last week the Metropolitan Police’s Dog Training Establishment … Continue reading

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Tales of the unexplained

“When did you stop beating your wife?”  Famous as the question to which there is no right answer, this is now joined by “Don’t you support civil liberties?”.  Of course we all agree that there should be civil liberties, but … Continue reading

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Getting away with it – but no longer

I am just coming to the end of my month-long writing retreat, working on the sequel to last year’s historical financial crime novel “Fatal Forgery” – first draft completed, so big hurrah!  (BTW, I’m still dithering about the title for the … Continue reading

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Asset forfeiture – or theft?

The issue of asset forfeiture has divided people for some time.  On one side of the debate we have people like this American blogger, who think that asset forfeiture is akin to theft.  In fact, he calls it “the second … Continue reading

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