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Nipping crime in the (Jersey lily) bud

Following on from my post a few days ago about the LIBOR fines being used as a force for good, I have been interested to read about the allocations made over the past decade in Jersey.  In response to a … Continue reading

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PoCA always knocks twice

A couple of weeks ago someone sent me a link to a heart-warming story of corruption, money laundering and revenge.  Back in 2005, Sharon Millard of Wolverhampton was sent to prison for six months after being found guilty of laundering … Continue reading

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Getting away with it – but no longer

I am just coming to the end of my month-long writing retreat, working on the sequel to last year’s historical financial crime novel “Fatal Forgery” – first draft completed, so big hurrah!  (BTW, I’m still dithering about the title for the … Continue reading

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Share and share alike

A recent announcement by the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Organised Crime suggested that assets confiscated from the mafia should be re-used for social purposes – and that provisions for such re-use should be included in the proposed EU directive on … Continue reading

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