A bid for freedom

Woohoo, I do love a good helping of Schadenfreude, and to this end one of my favourite things is hearing about what happens to the fancy assets of criminals when they are taken away (both the assets and the criminals).  I’ve gloated about this before, and when I’m looking for a way to avoid work while sort of remaining true to my AML roots, I do like to sniff around the various auction sites that offer “police seized items” and the like.  (Anyone fancy a pair of designer trainers, doubtless impregnated with criminal sweat?)

And now my auction sniffing can go international, as I have discovered Police Auctions Canada – the name gives it away, I think.  This site features much more mundane items – at the moment, I could bid on a cordless drill (safecracking…?), a pre-paid Visa card (counterfeiting…?) and some rose-scented candles (I’m not even going to hazard a guess).  More predictably, there is quite a lot of precious metal for sale – silver coins and gold ingots.  And if you’re given to speculation, that’s where it will end: coyly, the website confirms that “we are not privy to specifics of where the items originated”.  But with all auctions starting at C$1 (about 80p) and running 24 hours a day for seven days, it can be tempting – like eBay with jeopardy.  And in case you’re worrying about supporting crime, they also confirm that “a large portion of the sales goes back to help sponsor non-profit organizations and community projects in each of the areas represented” – the website sells on behalf of police forces throughout Canada.  I’ve heard of old lags, but I’m still puzzled about the Pride Mobility Go Go Elite Traveler Plus HD Electric Mobility Scooter, currently at a bargain C$22.70 – if that was their getaway vehicle, it’s no wonder they were caught.

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2 Responses to A bid for freedom

  1. Caroline Sawyer says:

    In New Zealand this sort of thing is done with an ecological respect for it’s environment. Though it is possibly symptomatic of the climate change if the past decade. Drug money that has been confiscated from the gangs is returned to them to run drug rehabilitation. If you think about it, it’s really their money after all.

    • An interesting view, Caroline – should people get a refund on money they spent on illegal items? Would this also apply to knowingly buying counterfeit goods, or paying for child pornography? (Not necessarily my view – just wondered about the general consensus!)

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