Silver screen laundering

I have yet to see it myself – hampered by as I am by a full diary and a dislike of movie violence – but I am enjoying reading all about the new movie “The Infiltrator”, based on the memoirs of undercover DEA operative Robert Mazur and starring Bryan Cranston (who earned his money laundering chops in “Breaking Bad”).  Mazur talked about his experiences on a recent edition of Radio 4’s “Today” programme (thanks for spotting this, Jason in Guernsey).

I myself have come across a fascinating website that compares movies to the original stories on which they are based (and the actors to the characters they play), and they’ve had a look at “The Infiltrator”.  Don’t look at it if you’re planning to see the movie and haven’t already read the book – there are plot spoilers!  Sadly, as many other people will find this website as they hunt for information about the movie, it ruins things by getting the basics wrong: money laundering is not “the practice of moving traceable tainted cash (drug money, etc.) into a variety of accounts or businesses that appear legitimate”.  If only it were that simple and still limited to cash.

And should you now wish to invite Robert Mazur to speak about his experiences, he has his own website (which makes mine look jolly tame).  Quite how this publicity ties in with his need for discretion (“Robert Mazur has received death threats from the cartels, forcing him to keep his appearance concealed”) I am not sure – perhaps he sends Bryan Cranston along instead.

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5 Responses to Silver screen laundering

  1. Keith Hood says:

    Hi Susan,

    It is a good film and a fascinating story. I have read the book and had the pleasure of meeting Bob and chatting with him on one of his visits to Jersey.

  2. wyntk14 says:

    Have you thought about making an online money laundering simulation where participants would be given a bunch of money with the task of trying to launder it? They would learn about how ‘anti-money laundering’ works by being caught out.

    • Hello wyntk14 – been there, done that! I used to use a card-based money laundering simulation of my own devising called WhiteWash – it went down very well in workshops. I then had the idea of putting it online, for organisations to subscribe to as a training aid, and a programmer created it for me. But it wasn’t very successful: I got the impression that the presentation of it, in person at a workshop, is more exciting and engaging that an online game. But perhaps times have moved on and I should revisit it…
      Best wishes from Susan

      • Hi Susan
        I think the trick, or challenge, is to take the elements from the workshop which make it engaging then trying to replicate these online. Most elearning tends to be individual – one against the machine. Perhaps looking at it as a workshop which is run remotely, and therefore making it more scalable, yet keeping the personal element might work. Andy

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