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A welcome mat for money launderers

For some months, a Home Affairs Select Committee of the UK parliament, under the chairmanship of Keith Vaz MP, has been taking evidence about the effectiveness of the UK’s proceeds of crime regime.  It has not been a happy story, … Continue reading

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Potential publication: your views, please

This is not like my usual blog posts, which is why it is appearing at the weekend.  I have had an idea for another AML project – you know how I love a juicy AML project – and I want … Continue reading

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The forgotten victims

Sometimes, what with all the law and policies and procedures, it is easy to forget that every money laundering or white collar crime case is about people.  Whether they are the perpetrators or the victims, the laundering or other crime … Continue reading

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When is money laundering not money laundering?

When it’s not money, of course.  In a recent case, a judge in Florida declared that bitcoin is not money, and therefore that the man who was accused of selling it to an undercover detective who said that he wanted … Continue reading

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The luxury of dithering

So here I am, back from my summer writing retreat, and normal blogging has resumed.  It was quite a relief to be out of the country – in Switzerland, to be precise – and get away from all the Brexit … Continue reading

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A matter of administration

Recently I watched the film “The Fifth Estate”, about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange – and, along the way, also about the nature of privacy, the meaning of security and the impact of hypocrisy.  The Panama Papers have raised similar issues, … Continue reading

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Bolting the stable door

When I was little I lived in Newmarket, and my mum was the secretary at a trainer’s yard, so I spent a lot of time in the yard “helping” the farrier and – my favourite bit – siting in the … Continue reading

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