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They’re not going on a summer holiday

As you pack your bucket and spade, I thought you might like to spare a thought for those poor people not having a summer holiday this year.  I mean, of course, those put-upon convicted UK drug traffickers who have been … Continue reading

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Begone, bad MLRO

In what the headline writers are calling a “landmark case”, an MLRO and the firm she worked for in Jersey have been acquitted of failing to make suspicious activity reports when they should have done.  (“Landmark” because it was the … Continue reading

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A regime of responsibilities

On 7 July, the Financial Conduct Authority issued its final rules on the Senior Managers Regime (I long to put an apostrophe in there, but the regulator has decreed it apostrophe-free, and I’m nothing if not obedient to regulatory decree) … Continue reading

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Agents of doom and disrepute

I’ve just watched a Channel 4 documentary called “From Russia with Cash”.  The premise is that two investigators go undercover as Russian PEP Boris and his ditsy girlfriend Nastya, and trip around the swankier parts of London looking at five … Continue reading

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DD dire warnings

A while ago, I mulled on the meaning on the phrase “due diligence”.  My mullings came back to bite me this week as I leafed through the Spectator magazine and spotted Dot Wordsworth’s column.  Dot writes about the sources, meanings … Continue reading

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Guernsey goes through the reputational wringer

I must declare an interest.  As part of my regular timetable of training visits, I go to Guernsey about five times a year, for a week at a time.  And I like it very much: I like the scenery, I … Continue reading

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High risk movers and shakers

The regular updating by the Financial Action Task Force of their list of dodgy places (or, more tactfully, high-risk and non-cooperative jurisdictions) is now part of every MLRO’s diary.  Although I am the first to admit that inclusion on – … Continue reading

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Cash concerns

Earlier this week, I talked about the National Crime Agency’s “National Strategic Assessment of Serious and Organised Crime 2015” – and in particular about its take on high-end money laundering and professional enablers.  But in case you’re feeling all complacent … Continue reading

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