Under-promise and over-deliver

I have been (in effect) self-employed now for nearly twenty years.  Unemployable, my nearest and dearest tell me.  And those who are considering the self-employed life often ask me what skills they need and whether they are suited.  To my mind, there are two things that will make you happy in the self-employed life: if you enjoy your own company, and if you can set and keep to your own deadlines.  I am a whizz at both, being both anti-social and welded to my Filofax.

So when I decided to self-publish my first novel, “Fatal Forgery”, it was a match made in heaven.  To write a novel, you have to shut yourself away for long periods of time – I was lucky enough to have access to Cambridge’s University Library (fifth floor, north front, overlooking King’s, with a radiator for winter and an opening window for summer – writer’s paradise) and its unmatched resources (for “Fatal Forgery”, although fiction, is based on real people and real events).  And to self-publish, you have to create a Publishing Timetable of Epic Dimensions.  You set the publication date, and work backwards from there.  In theory.

You may remember (from the countdown clock that has now disappeared from this blog) that my official publication date for “Fatal Forgery” is this coming Friday, 19 July.  For a print-on-demand paperback, you upload the files to your publisher (in my case, Createspace) and they then pass on the information to Amazon for listing.  This sharing of the files takes (according to the Createspace website) 5-7 days.  So I uploaded the file on 12 July.  And to keep things tidy, I also uploaded the Kindle file to KDP (Kindle Publishing Direct – the Kindle-y part of Amazon).  Tick off two jobs from the list – hurrah!

Five hours later, I was checking Facebook, and a friend had posted a link.  To “Fatal Forgery”!  On Amazon!  Both POD and Kindle versions!  So much for 5-7 days.  So, if you’re interested, you can see the book listed here on Amazon – they put both editions (POD and Kindle) in one listing:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Fatal-Forgery-Susan-Grossey/dp/1489587403/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1373868902&sr=1-1&keywords=fatal+forgery

I am also (by popular demand) offering the book as a plain PDF (for people without a Kindle or who have not Kindle-ified their laptop/tablet/smartphone).  This is being done via a rather fun American website called Gumroad – I am in good company as they also sell e-stuff for Bon Jovi, Eminem and Coldplay.  You can see my listing here: https://gumroad.com/l/vlfV

So here I am, with a project plan that is now out by a week.  But in this instance, I really don’t mind.

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4 Responses to Under-promise and over-deliver

  1. Graham Thomas says:

    Hi Susan

    Exciting times for you !!

    I’ve successfully downloaded my Kindle version and I am now looking forward to seeing whether all those hours hard at work in the Cambridge University Library have paid off.

    Best Wishes


  2. Hi Graham
    How kind you are – and I will be very interested to know what you think of Sam and his adventure. I miss the library, so I think I’m going to have to return soon for Sam II.
    Best wishes from Susan

  3. Wendy Woodcock says:

    Congratulations on completing and publishing your novel. This is a massive achievement and you should be suitably proud. I wish you well with the uptake. Best wishes, Wendy.

  4. Dear Wendy
    How kind of you – thank you. It’s not quite a best-seller (yet!) but the word is spreading. I did send a press release to the Guernsey Press and they asked to see a copy, so fingers crossed for blanket island coverage!
    Best wishes from Susan

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