Blog beginnings

I’m not a blogging neophyte, as I’ve had a diary-style blog on my company website ( for years now.  But I am new to dedicated blogging software, so please forgive me if things are not where you expect them to be or don’t look as fancy as they should.  I run a one-person business, so am my own marketing department, my own creative writing guru, and my own technical support.  It will end in tears.

In case you;’re wondering, I did try to get the blog address to match my company address (Thinking about Crime), but it has already been snaffled by a criminology student in New York.  Students – they expect it all, don’t they?

And despite this rather overdue leap into the more advanced reaches of the world of technology, please don’t expect me ever to start tweeting, for two very good reasons:

  • My mobile phone is so elderly that it has no facility beyond making and receiving calls – and then only when I can find it
  • The thought of having to limit myself to 140 characters is, frankly, physically painful.
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