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Exposed to scrutiny

As an author myself, desperate to understand the vicissitudes of the book-buying public, I devour any articles on the publishing industry.  In the Economist recently there was a piece about the growing demand for children’s books in China, now that … Continue reading

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Just how close is close?

PEPs are a perennial and perplexing problem.  Who they are, how long they stay like that for, and what to do about them anyway – headaches all along the line.  But one aspect of PEPitude that has been exercising (perhaps … Continue reading

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Love thy neighbour – but where will they park?

After my musings on tax earlier this week, my thoughts have turned naturally enough to PEPs.  Heavens, no – this is not the first time I have thought about these people.  (Actually, I was about to call them “these naughty … Continue reading

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Off with his head! (Only joking, if you’re a Swiss lawyer)

Does anyone else ever feel that we are stuck in a bizarre Alice-in-Wonderland scenario with some of the money laundering stories we see?  One of my news feeds today informed me that Interpol has added Victor Khrapunov to its wanted … Continue reading

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