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Video killed the KYC star

I have been very lucky during my career: thanks to my insatiable quest for information about money laundering and AML, I have learned so much from so many people.  The key, I think, is to listen carefully and to see … Continue reading

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The tarnish on golden visas

I have mentioned before the concept of “golden visas” and passports-for-sale.  In today’s politically uncertain world they are becoming ever more popular, and last month Transparency International published a report called “European Getaway: Inside the Murky World of Golden Visas”.  … Continue reading

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You’ve got to pick a passport or two

There has been a lot in the news recently about passports, and I realised that although I of course understand the basics of the document, there are certain key things that I do not know – and knowing them would … Continue reading

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P-p-p-pick up a passport

Rightly or wrongly, given the apparent ease with which you can buy a fake one these days, the passport is still viewed as the primary document for CDD.  (I’ve occasionally considered buying one myself, in order to get rid of … Continue reading

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