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Voting for AML

I’m not a great fan of many of our current politicians – I’m sure you know why.  But I do like Angela Merkel, and in particular Tracy Ullman’s version of Angela Merkel.  And I have recently come to admire Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Handing over the report card

A couple of weeks ago a rather intriguing story hit the press, revealing that HSBC is trying to stop publication of a report on its AML effectiveness.  When the bank was hauled over the coals by the US authorities in … Continue reading

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The spoils of war

During AML training, I am often asked what happens to the money that is confiscated from criminals.  And occasionally – usually after a local conviction – a similar question will arise around institutional penalties.  When a regulator imposes a financial … Continue reading

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England’s new civil war

For rather obvious reasons, there has been a lot of hand-wringing in the media recently over what to do with tax evaders.  (I have my own rather Cromwellian ideas, but I shall keep them to myself.)  There seem to be … Continue reading

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Checking your seatbelt

It would be remiss of me to let “the HSBC situation” go by without comment.  I may well return to it in future, as I know some of the people involved and will try to get some MLRO-relevant details from … Continue reading

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Ruhm endlich!

(That’s German for “Fame at last!”)  I’ve been a bit quiet this morning – someone even emailed to ask whether I was stuck under a large piece of furniture, preventing me from having my say on HSBC.  But no: I … Continue reading

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