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Ruhm endlich!

(That’s German for “Fame at last!”)  I’ve been a bit quiet this morning – someone even emailed to ask whether I was stuck under a large piece of furniture, preventing me from having my say on HSBC.  But no: I … Continue reading

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The spirit is willing but the risk is too great

At a recent training session, when I was explaining the mechanics of Hawala banking, someone asked, “Why don’t we just make it part of the AML regulations?”.  Well.  Quite.  I had gone through the usual stuff about alternative remittance systems … Continue reading

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Sure, you can pat him

You know your neighbour with that enormous dog, the one that snoozes quietly in the garden most of the time, but you’re warned not to turn your back on him “because he’s a bit unpredictable”?  Well, that’s the FSA.  They … Continue reading

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