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If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made

I wrote about the underestimated dangers of counterfeiting just before Christmas, and the topic has once again been under discussion in Grossey Mansions.  On a recent episode of “Fake or Fortune?” (which I watch avidly, as Fiona Bruce has my … Continue reading

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Ho ho ho and a bottle of fake rum

As I have complained before, counterfeiting is often underestimated as a crime.  It’s one of those peculiar “other people” crimes, as in “Other people really shouldn’t buy fake goods, but if I see a fake Chanel handbag while I’m on … Continue reading

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Is nothing sacred?

A loyal reader who has followed me to this blog from my old one has commented that my lack of obsession with chocolate – a regular feature of my old blog – has made him doubt the authenticity of my … Continue reading

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