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Please hold – for six months

The Criminal Finances Bill is out, described in the Home Office press release as “legislation to tackle money laundering and corruption, recover the proceeds of crime and counter terrorist financing”.  When it was at the consultation stage, I responded – … Continue reading

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Taxing tax evasion

In this post we are getting right down to what a French friend of mine once called “the nitties and the gritties”, so thinking caps on, please.  An MLRO has written to me with a vexing conundrum around consent concerning … Continue reading

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Calling for consent

You know what a stickybeak I am – if anyone asks, even very quietly, for an opinion on anything to do with money laundering or AML, I’m in there.  At the moment the UK government is running a very low-key … Continue reading

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NCA gets tough on consent

Because I am such a structured sort of person myself (big excitement last week, for instance, when the 2015 wall planner went up), I very much like the UK’s consent timetable.  That’s not what anyone else calls it, I daresay, … Continue reading

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A few tips about tipping-off

A couple of weeks ago, I promised you an occasional series of posts on the most frequently asked questions I get during AML training.  I have already covered suspicion, so now it’s the turn of tipping-off.  (For a start, I’m … Continue reading

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Which law to break? Decisions, decisions…

Although I am not a lawyer, I enjoy the limited exposure I have to the law – it’s like trying to unpick a puzzle, making sure that you have completely understood all the requirements, down to the last sub-clause and … Continue reading

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You say potato, I say implied consent

One of my favourite things about the work I do is the mental stimulation I get from deciphering and learning the AML legislation in various jurisdictions.  (I know, I know: get a life.)  All of the jurisdictions in which I … Continue reading

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