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Pass the popcorn

My telly viewing habits are rather old-fashioned: I like nothing better than watching a repeat of a beloved programme (original “Upstairs, Downstairs” and “Poldark”, I’m talking about you) and I steer clear of anything gory, violent, scary or – saints … Continue reading

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Staying the course

Brace yourselves: this is going to be one of those posts where I have a vision of how it is all going to tie together, but it will take time.  I was at an event recently where I was told … Continue reading

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Dutch courage

One of the dearest ambitions of my little AML-ish heart has been to participate in a think-tank or colloquium or workshop or similar learned gathering, with the aim of influencing AML strategy.  I want to take part not for the … Continue reading

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The stink of money laundering

Have you ever fibbed slightly about what you do for a living (that you work in AML) in order to avoid yet another tedious story about someone’s grandma who was with her bank for 312 years and STILL had to … Continue reading

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The smile on the crocodile

As regular readers will know, last month I spent two weeks in Botswana, on safari.  We saw all the usual amazing beasts (elephants using their trunks as snorkels!), but perhaps the most alarming were the crocodiles – enormous, prehistoric and … Continue reading

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