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Los Pinos of Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen – I bet you’re all humming now.  And even though historians have suggested that our Robin was not quite the champion of the poor we choose to believe, the legend persists – … Continue reading

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Rock and roll lifestyle

I don’t often use this blog simply to repeat money laundering stories that are already in the press but some are just too good to ignore.  May I introduce you to Paul Bettie.  He’s sixty-five now, but back in the … Continue reading

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Launderer seeks splendour without diminishment

It cannot have escaped your notice that Canada is in a lather about its real estate sector being used for money laundering.  Stories are appearing seemingly every day about some new scheme or other that has been uncovered, thanks in … Continue reading

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Inside the tent but still p***ing in

In my guise as a magistrate I have become familiar with a thrilling document called the “Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines”.  It’s an entirely public, well, publication, as justice is meant to be transparent and accessible to all.  And if you … Continue reading

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Asking for trouble

When Brexit is simply too, too depressing, I remind myself that in my own little world at least nothing much is changing.  Cambridge – where I live – is as cosmopolitan and outward-looking as ever, and the Fifth Money Laundering … Continue reading

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