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Something good written by Committee

As you are surely aware, the UK is currently convulsed (almost to the point of turning itself inside out) by a frenzy of self-analysis.  And AML has not escaped the mood of introspection: on 8 March 2019, the House of … Continue reading

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A dash of pedantry

A small matter, this week, but one of great interest to me: to hyphenate or not to hyphenate?  I have always written “money laundering” but there are those – among them, the Economist newspaper, whose style guide I trust in … Continue reading

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Best foot forward

In recent weeks I have worked in Guernsey and Jersey and I am rather fond of both places – not least because they have rather strict AML regimes, and you know how I feel about taking AML jolly seriously.  Despite … Continue reading

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Too much of a bad thing

Please may I distract you from the festering plague sore that is Brexit by drawing your attention instead to something we Brits do rather well, which is AML supervision.  In fact we’re so good at this that we have dozens … Continue reading

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