New Guernsey piggies in the sty

A very quick post specifically for my Guernsey readers.  Just for you, I have:

  • Read the new Schedule 3 and Handbook cover to cover
  • Updated all five of my piggy books – for NEDs, and for the accountancy, banking, fiduciary and insurance sectors – to reflect the new legislation and guidance
  • Listened in – yes, honestly – via BBC Radio Guernsey to the States meeting yesterday, when aforesaid legislation was put forward for approval
  • Tweeted the States just to make sure that I had heard correctly that it had been approved
  • Stayed up late last night and risen early this morning to get the five piggies released from their Amazon stable.

In short, the Guernsey piggies are now all completely up to date and reflect Schedule 3 and the new Handbook – including enhanced measures, the MLCO and the new PEP categories.  Jaffa Cakes were eaten, I can assure you.

Search “susan grossey guernsey” on Amazon, or go to the Publications page of my website for the direct links.

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3 Responses to New Guernsey piggies in the sty

  1. CDWOS says:

    You have been busy and in time for Christmas! What a present for all Guernsey MLROs – somebody loves you!

  2. On a related issue, someone has asked whether I plan to do a Guernsey piggy for the investment sector.

    When I first wrote the Guernsey piggies, a few years ago now, I did a poll to see which four editions would be most popular, out of accountancy, banking, fiduciary, gambling, insurance, investment and legal – and the vote went for accountancy, banking, fiduciary and insurance.

    As it’s a bit of work to write a new book, and I would have to pay £200 for a new cover design, how much demand do you think there would be for an investment edition? I’m not asking for actual numbers, of course, but do you think the Guernsey investment sector has grown significantly since I first piggified and would now welcome its own porker?

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