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UN me – together at last

It has been the summer of daft emails for Thinking about Crime – perhaps the very hot weather has kept all of the scammers indoors even more than usual, crafting their approaches.  Hoping to appeal to my vanity and to … Continue reading

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Cloud cuckoo Brexit

Don’t worry: I’m not going to tell you again how I feel about Brexit.  This update is purely about the AML implications for those of us left behind in the cast-adrift, backwards-looking, isolationist UK.  As you know, the European Fifth … Continue reading

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A bum note

It’s on its way out, that banknote of choice for the money laundering fraternity: on 4 May 2016 the European Central Bank announced that it will stop issuing the €500 note at the end of 2018, “taking into account concerns … Continue reading

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Made to measure

About once a year I will say in a dreamy voice, “Perhaps I should do a PhD in criminology…”.  I love the idea of spending months in the library as I craft my thesis, and then becoming the first-ever Dr … Continue reading

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You say potato, I say prison

It’s becoming something of theme, isn’t it – professional enablers?  I’ve certainly blogged about it before, as in this post.  And just last month the Financial Action Task Force released their own report into the phenomenon, entitled “Professional Money Laundering”.  … Continue reading

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Glategny Court jester

“Please God don’t let it be money laundering” and “Heavens above, why can’t they get the concept of source of wealth?” may well be familiar phrases in the lexicon of the MLRO.  But although a greater power – greater even … Continue reading

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Nasty things indeed

Today I received a fabulous email.  It came to my work email address – no surprise there, as this is plastered all over this blog and my website and so is easily harvested – and makes reference to a password … Continue reading

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