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The law of the wild

In a quest to find a country that is still outward-looking and welcoming, I am going to have a look at Canada this summer.  Although I will still be keeping a weather eye on all things AML, please note that … Continue reading

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Feeling the benefit

One of my very favourite things in my professional life is the concept of criminal benefit.  I like what this says about our attitude to crime and those who commit it.  Put very simply – and I am sure a … Continue reading

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Near-o tolerance

A recent article in the Economist made a very valid point about recent AML endeavours – that sometimes they can have unfortunate consequences.  I have blogged quite a bit about “de-risking”, or what the FATF calls “the wholesale cutting loose … Continue reading

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Standing my AML ground

Money laundering and I – or rather, AML and I – have been on intimate terms for more than two decades now.  The muscle memory in my fingers is such that I cannot type the word “money” without following it … Continue reading

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Measuring the uncountable

One of the hardest aspects of any AML regime is measuring its effectiveness.  A bit like insurance, it’s trying to quantify what might have happened if you hadn’t had it.  (That sounds like a nightmare sentence from the translation paper … Continue reading

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