Cloudy, with a chance of optimism

I’m not an early adopter, as you probably know: my blog came late to the game (started in 2011, although I hope I have made up for it since then with my doggedness), and my website is rather old-fashioned (I’m a one-person business, and if I have a spare ten minutes I’d rather sweep the garden and inhale a Jaffa Cake than redesign my website).  But I am quite taken with this word cloud malarkey.  And so, to illustrate the responses I received to the next question in our AML survey – “How do you feel when you think about the AML efforts in your organisation and jurisdiction?” (with twelve positive words, twelve negative words and an “other” option) – may I present our AML emotion word cloud:

Is it not a thing of beauty?  As you can see, the six most popular words were all positive: “supportive” was selected by 120 of the 215 respondents, “determined” by 100, “optimistic” by 66, “reassured” by 64, “proud” by 61 and “enthusiastic” by 56.  (I should reiterate that this was a AML survey taken mainly by people with an AML-ish role in life, so generally more pro-AML than anti-.)  But then we do get a bit sad: 32 admit to being “confused”, while the same number are “disappointed”.  28 are “fearful”, and the same number are “resigned” (not literally, I hope – although one has, as he points out: “Defeated – see answer to Q6!”).  Nine of you are “angry”, and six are “resentful”.  And turning to the freeformers, you declare yourselves “frustrated”, “worried”, “stretched”, “nervous”, “challenged” and “overwhelmed” – with one little “hopeful” in there for balance.

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2 Responses to Cloudy, with a chance of optimism

  1. CDWOS says:

    The resigned may well be Jersey AML people in the light of the failed attempt by the regulator to criminally convict an MLRO for failure to report!!! Thereby hangs a tail……..I’ll go no further!

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