Queen of all I survey

I’ve been doing this AML malarkey now for a quarter of a century.  It was never the grand plan, but it seems that I have devoted my working life to keeping criminal money out of the financial and related systems.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way: personally (equipped as I am with great physical cowardice) it is my contribution to the fight against the baddies.  But there is no denying that AML can sometimes seem rather bleak, rather hopeless, rather Sisyphean – and rather lonely.

During one of my dark nights of AML soul, I thought it might be comforting to know how you lot feel about it, and so I have devised a little survey.  Its aim is to uncover your reasons for doing AML, in the hope that I will find that my own motivation is not all that rare and that lots of you feel as I do.  Or not.

Of course, I am also thinking that I might be able to draw some interesting and useful conclusions about the state of AML endeavours at the moment, and so the questionnaire starts with three questions to find out a little bit about you (in the professional sense, I should say).  But I must stress that it is all anonymous: I’ve used SurveyMonkey to create it, and so all I get is a summary of the responses – I will have no idea who replied, no email addresses passed on, nothing.  And because I know how busy you all are, it’s only eight questions in total – it won’t take more than five minutes (unless it awakens deep existential angst within you, in which case, sorry about that).  I’ll keep the survey live for about a fortnight, and I will share the conclusions with you after that.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot – here’s the link:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VM62T6K  Please feel free to pass it on if you have AML-ish friends.  And thank you.

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