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Idling in neutral

One of the difficulties of running a specialist, one-person business is providing relevant training for the staff – i.e. me.  If an AML conference looks particularly ground-breaking I will sign up, but many of them go over (what is to … Continue reading

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Do as I say

I’m going to do to you what is often done to me: I am going to tell you my own anti AML story.  Actually, it’s an anti anti AML story – you’ll see. In deference to the diktats of the … Continue reading

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Don’t do as I do

It will not surprise you to learn that I am no fan of Donald Trump; I think he is ill-informed, unprepared, tactless, uncontrolled and just plain nasty – and that’s on a good day.  But there’s not much I can … Continue reading

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Windows of opportunity

As I design, prepare and deliver AML training, I often find that unexpected themes appear in what I am saying.  Nearly every training session I do has some revised basic information – what money laundering is, what the local legislation … Continue reading

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Still selling their souls

In my spare time I think about financial crime, because I am the author of a series of historical financial crime novels set in London in the 1820s.  When I tried to interest publishers in the first in the series, … Continue reading

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Artful dodges?

I have written before about the potential for money laundering presented by the art world.  Of course, I know this in theory only: I have never once been the customer of an art auction house.  (I spent some childhood years … Continue reading

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