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Silver screen laundering

I have yet to see it myself – hampered by as I am by a full diary and a dislike of movie violence – but I am enjoying reading all about the new movie “The Infiltrator”, based on the memoirs … Continue reading

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A consultation too far?

Regular readers will know that I am quite taken with consultations: I like people asking my opinion nearly as much as I love giving it.  I tend to respond to AML-themed ones most avidly, but in recent months I have … Continue reading

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Thrill-seekers and risk-takers

In a recent post I talked about the work of Keith Vaz as the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which has been responsible – among many other things – for a review into the UK’s proceeds of crime … Continue reading

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Box-tickers, and worse

I don’t often do this, as it feels a bit lazy (and I certainly don’t want to incur the wrath of Liam Fox), but a blog reader in the Isle of Man forwarded this other blog post to me (thanks, … Continue reading

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Money laundering on the menu

I’m not a fan of sushi myself (it’s raw fish, guys – plus I have an uncle who breaks into singing “If you knew Sushi like I know Sushi” whenever he sees me), but plenty of people are.  And the … Continue reading

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Making a money laundering ass of yourself

It will come as no surprise at all to you to learn that I am the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for my little street in Cambridge – the Neighbourhood Witch, as my husband likes to call me.  (Don’t worry: he pays … Continue reading

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Going against the currency

A few posts ago I wrote about the Florida judge who did not consider bitcoin to be money in part because “it cannot be hidden under a mattress like cash and gold bars”.  Then I came across this BBC story … Continue reading

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