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Slaves to the legislation

In recent weeks there has been a huge amount of soul-searching and hand-wringing about money.  Much of it has concerned the slippery distinctions between tax evasion, tax avoidance and aggressive tax avoidance, with phrases like “morally repugnant” being bandied about … Continue reading

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No escape for NY compliance officers

Ever since it burst onto the regulatory scene in 2011, the New York Department of Financial Services has specialised in ruffling feathers.  In August 2014 they stepped out of line with all other regulators (who were considering a united approach) … Continue reading

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Taking money laundering to tusk

It never ceases to amaze me, the lengths that people will go to and the atrocities they will commit and tolerate in order to make money.  In recent training sessions I have been updating people on wildlife trafficking (you know … Continue reading

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Bad little bywords

Thank heavens for alliteration, I say.  In today’s crowded, tweeting, 24-hour news world, we don’t have to say “the leak of eleven million documents from the offices of law firm Mossack Fonseca”, but instead can save valuable milliseconds by referring … Continue reading

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Me first, no, me first

And so the battle to appear whiter than white begins – and not before time.  As British politicians fall over themselves to publish their tax returns, the UK government has announced the launch of a new taskforce to investigate the … Continue reading

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Piggy popularity

Yesterday I made an astonishing discovery: if you go to the Amazon UK website and just type “money laundering” (without inverted commas) in the Search box, one of my piggy books is the very first listed item!  (Amazon is the ultimate … Continue reading

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A personal perception of the Panama Papers

Well, what to say about this week’s big leak – except that I am loving the alliteration of the Panama Papers on “Panorama”.  I’m particularly enjoying the way the poor benighted Mossack Fonseca PR person is finding a thousand different … Continue reading

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Top-level training

First of all, I hope you enjoyed my little April Fool’s joke on Friday… I wrote a little while ago about the refreshing honesty of the UK’s first national money laundering risk assessment, and now it’s the turn of the … Continue reading

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An uncommon event

I recently celebrated a landmark birthday, and over the past year I have been reflecting on, and considering the future direction of, my career.  Don’t panic: I am still obsessed with, dedicated to and fascinated by money laundering, but I have … Continue reading

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