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Change the record, please

From time to time I have a rant about the bad rap that AML gets, and today’s another one of those.  Allow me to present two pieces of evidence.  A fortnight ago I found a wallet on a bench in … Continue reading

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Handing over the report card

A couple of weeks ago a rather intriguing story hit the press, revealing that HSBC is trying to stop publication of a report on its AML effectiveness.  When the bank was hauled over the coals by the US authorities in … Continue reading

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Hints from Holmes

One of the anticipated highlights of my Christmas telly viewing was the new episode of “Sherlock”.  As it turns out, it was a huge disappointment – with all the time-travelling, I had no idea what was going on and soon, … Continue reading

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You say potato

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a big fan of “Poldark”.  No, not the ridiculous chest-baring modern remake, but the 1970s original with Robin Ellis (who did his scything fully clothed, as any gentleman of his … Continue reading

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More or less?

This morning’s post is going to wax rather philosophical, so you should either (a) stop reading now, if you’re not given to such ponderings, or (b) get an extra chocolate biscuit for your elevenses to prolong the ponderings. It all … Continue reading

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Dear Launderer?

Last week saw the 33rd birthday of Kim Jung-un, Dear Leader of North Korea.  (I’m not sure whether anyone else in North Korea was allowed to celebrate a birthday on 8 January; I mention it only because in December 2014 … Continue reading

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The art of money laundering

“More money than sense” is how my grandma would have described Jocelyn Wildenstein, the ex-wife of the late Alec Wildenstein who is described by Wikipedia as “a billionaire French businessman, art dealer, racehorse owner and breeder”.  Jocelyn is most famous for … Continue reading

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Prevention is better than cure

Like many people, I used the “Crimbo limbo” (period between Christmas and new year) to do a bit of sorting, tidying, sifting and chucking.  And as I went through the thousands of photos that I took in 2015, I came … Continue reading

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