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The FCA rows into high risk waters again

An eagle-eyed reader in Guernsey (thanks, Guy) was perusing the FCA’s recent Final Notice on the Bank of Beirut, and spotted this in paragraph 2.8: “The [FCA] therefore imposes on Bank of Beirut: (1) [a fine]; and (2) a restriction … Continue reading

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A common language – and a common crime

One of my top reads of the year is, no, not the “Robin Ellis as The One True Poldark Bumper Christmas Annual (with free stick-on dashing facial scar)”, but the “International Narcotics Control Strategy Report” from the US Department of … Continue reading

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The FCA’s to do list for this year

This week the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has looked into its crystal ball and published its “Business Plan 2015/16”.  Whereas previous editions of this document were accompanied by a Risk Outlook, this time the two have been united into one … Continue reading

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Wham, bam, no AML, ma’am

Some while ago I wrote about a draft of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive that had sneaked in a much-extended definition of “high value dealers”.  What this earlier draft said was that HVDs would be “other natural or legal persons … Continue reading

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You’ve got to pick a passport or two

There has been a lot in the news recently about passports, and I realised that although I of course understand the basics of the document, there are certain key things that I do not know – and knowing them would … Continue reading

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Most wanted

I’m not allowed to watch “Crimewatch”; my husband says that what with the money laundering and the magistracy and the financial crime fiction, I’m too obsessed with crime as it is.  He has a point.  But when he’s away, I … Continue reading

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Just a quickie today, as I wasn’t planning to post anything, but a story on the radio this morning made me prick up my little AML ears.  Apparently the Halifax bank here in the UK is trying out some new … Continue reading

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Due diligence diligence

As some readers may know, I am a magistrate in my home city of Cambridge.  (For non-UK readers, you can read about the magistracy here.)  Last week I did a day of training to make me a more effective magistrate, … Continue reading

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Calling for consent

You know what a stickybeak I am – if anyone asks, even very quietly, for an opinion on anything to do with money laundering or AML, I’m in there.  At the moment the UK government is running a very low-key … Continue reading

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Money laundering and perversion

(There: I bet that title caught your attention.)  My husband (silver-tongued devil that he is) says that when it comes to money laundering, I am like a truffling pig: I root around everywhere for it.  And I must confess that … Continue reading

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