Living high on the hog

I don’t usually post anything at the weekend, but this is just too exciting to wait – and anyway, it might all have changed by Monday.  Today my laptop went into something of a meltdown with its bookmarks, so I had to go into my own Amazon listings like an outsider.  I opened the front page of, typed in “money laundering”, selected “in Books”, and then fell off my chair.  One of my “All You Need to Know” piggies – the one for UK banking sector staff – is listed first.  First!  This is Big News, as it raises the piggy’s profile quite significantly: his snout is now definitely visible above the sty wall.  And the listing also tells me that this little piggy went to market rather effectively: he is now the 27th best-selling title in the Amazon category of “Books > Business, Finance & Law > Professional Finance > Banking”.  So many thanks to everyone who has given a home to one of these little piggies.

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4 Responses to Living high on the hog

  1. Roy McCarthy says:

    Maybe a certain ‘Big Bank’ has bought a copy for each of their compliance people 🙂

  2. Rachael Guinness says:

    My Piggy arrived today via Amazon! I’ll complete a review when I’ve read it.

    • Dear Rachael
      Welcome to the blog, and many thanks for your piggy purchase! A review would be lovely, thank you – I’m not entirely certain how Amazon does its rankings, but apparently it’s a combination of sales figures and star ratings and number of reviews.
      Best wishes from Susan

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