The piggy popularity poll

As we approach the end of the year, I always take the time to review my year – specifically, which of my projects and initiatives have worked, and which have not.  This year, for instance, my workshops for experienced MLROs are going great guns, but the ones for new MLROs are right off the boil and so I will put them to one side for a while.  (One of the benefits of working alone, of course, is that I can make such decisions and turn on a sixpence.  And I get all the Jaffa Cakes.)  And with this being very much the year of the pig for me (from March to November, I oversaw the birth of sixteen of them), I have peered through my magnifying class to scrutinise my porcine sales figures.

There are in fact twenty-one piggies in the AML sty now – it’s very snug in there.  There are five piggies for non-exec directors (UK, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and international editions), and then four jurisdictional families of sector-specific piggies for staff – four editions each for UK, Guernsey, Jersey and Gibraltar.  So who do you think is Top Hog this year?  Which piggy is more popular than all of his sty-mates?  Well, my bestselling NED piggy this year is the Guernsey one.  But my bestselling piggy of all is the UK banking piggy, who has sold nearly five times as many copies as his closest rival, the Guernsey fiduciary piggy.  I suspect he is out there at all the banking gatherings, truffling down on the canapés and guzzling champers while schmoozing those MLROs.  The runt of the litter, I am afraid, is the Jersey accountancy piggy, who has sold only two copies all year – maybe island-based accountants are particularly careful with their money.  But never fear: I love all of my piggies equally, and I promise that Jersey accountancy piggy will not be made into chipolatas.

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